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We truly believe that an infant’s bliss is a parent’s serenity.

Say Hello to
Your Support Team,
Mim and Jennifer!

With Infant Bliss by your side, your family will enjoy a sense of serenity that will fill your home and lives with love and joy, as you journey through these most precious moments of newborn life.

"We do all the crummy, so you can enjoy all the yummy."


“Mim”, Miriam Ortiz Garcia, NCS, CD-PIC, C-IFS

Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Doula Postpartum & Infant Care, Certified Infant Feeding Specialist & Co-Founder of Infant Bliss.

  • Childcare provider for over 30 years

  • Fully accredited in CPR and First Aid care

  • Trained Newborn Care Specialist

  • Fully certified Postpartum Doula & Infant Care

  • Fully certified Infant Feeding Specialist

Laura Rosenberg, NCS

Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Certified

Au Pair.

  • Childcare provider for 6 years

  • Fully accredited in CPR and First Aid care

  • Trained Newborn Care Specialist

  • Bachelors degree in Secondary Education

  • Bachelors degree in Language and Literature

  • Speaks Portuguese

Laura Rosenberg.jpeg

Jennifer Strawser, MBA

CEO & Co-Founder of Infant Bliss.

  • Graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration

  • Fully accredited in CPR and First Aid care

Where it all began…

Infant Bliss began when Jennifer met a Newborn Care Specialist who changed her and her family’s lives. 


When Jennifer Strawser found out her first born was going to be two...twins!!, she was immediately overcome by fears that she and her husband wouldn’t be able to handle their new responsibilities—while maintaining their sanity.


“How will I be able to handle everything? When will I sleep? When will my husband sleep? Will it affect his work? Would the novel changes affect our marriage? Am I equipped to handle two babies at once?”


Jennifer’s worries compounded, so she sought advice from a friend who let her in on the secret to successfully and confidently welcoming her bundles of joy into the world—a Newborn Care Specialist. Jennifer hired her immediately.


“I remember feeling amazed and in awe of all that she could do. I felt immediate relief and calm; from the minute she walked through my front door, a sense of content. 


Within her first hour with us, she made me comfortable on the couch while she helped me to feed both babies, all the while, keeping my nutrition and health in mind by preparing me a delicious smoothie.


Her support was boundless and evident in all aspects of our families' lives; my baby boys and I felt held, both physically and emotionally.

Three years later, Jennifer was pregnant with another set of twins! She knew right away that she needed more support. Jennifer met Miriam Ortiz Garcia, “Mim”, a highly-experienced and highly-regarded Newborn Care Specialist and Nanny.


“The love and devotion Mim shared with all of my children was remarkable.”


Mim was truly an exceptional Newborn Care Specialist. She helped Jennifer care for her new babies, as well as her older boys, and ensured that every child was filled with love at all times. 


Mim and Jennifer built a strong bond, and Mim became an in-home Nanny for Jennifer’s children for the next 8 years. Though their friendship remained strong, it was time for Mim to move on to a new family who needed support with their newborn baby.  


Fast forward many years, Mim was exploring new ways to support many families with newborns, as opposed to only one family for several years, while Jennifer was preparing for her children to leave the nest and pondering her next move in life as well. After being a stay-at-home mom for 18 years, Jennifer was ready to put her business degree to use.


Realizing their individual expertise would blend together beautifully, Infant Bliss was born.


Get to Know Mim

Miriam (Mim) Ortiz graduated from The English Governess and Nanny School in 1998 and has worked as a childcare provider for over 30 years. She has supported several families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. 


Mim has experience with multiples, including Jennifer’s family with two sets of twins. She trained with Newborn Care Training Academy to receive her NCS (Newborn Care Specialist) and is a Certified Postpartum Doula and Infant Care (CD-PIC) as well as a Certified Infant Feeding Specialist (C-IFS).


She is a member of the International Nanny Association (INA) and lifetime member of ProDoula. Mim has dedicated her life to the families she has worked for and their children.  


“Being a childcare provider is not just what I do to make a living. By far and away, it is who I am.” 


Driven by a strong sense of gratitude for the families she has been welcomed into, Mim works to ensure that children feel secure—in their immediate environments and in the world around them.

INA Member.png
NCTA badge from facebook_.png

Providing Expert Care, Love & Support for You and Your Family

At Infant Bliss, we believe every mother deserves to experience the sense of ease, relief, comfort and support that Jennifer experienced when welcoming her new babies.


We want to help you find bliss as you bring your new baby into the world, so you can truly enjoy such a beautiful experience. 


Our team of compassionate specialists at Infant Bliss is here to support you in a number of ways, including:


  • Feeding and Eating Needs

  • Sleeping Needs

  • Mom & Family Care

  • Baby’s Body Care

  • Baby’s Health Needs

  • Postpartum Doula Care

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We’ll help you appreciate the small, gentle moments. Contact us today.

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