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New Parent's Guide

Congratulations on your new blessing! We are so excited to work with you and your family!


We know parenthood doesn't come with an instruction manual, so we have created a New Parent’s Guide with products that we recommend for every family with a new blessing. Below you will find items to help with your everyday life with a newborn.

Baby's Grasp

A Letter from Infant Bliss

Thank you for choosing us to care for your sweet newborn and your family! We understand that caring for a newborn can be exhausting, especially if you have other children in the household. Infant Bliss is here to help! We want everyone to enjoy the first few months with a newborn—free of anxiety, stress, and confusion.

We start by gaining a genuine understanding of your needs and each family member’s needs, then we create a custom care plan that helps mom, dad, baby and siblings feel comforted and cared for.

With Infant Bliss by your side, your family will enjoy a sense of serenity that will fill your home and lives with love and joy, as you journey through these most precious moments of newborn life.

- Infant Bliss Team 


“Mim is a wonderful person who truly loves the children and cares for them in a very special way.”
Kathleen A. McEndy

Meet Mim


Mim has worked as a childcare provider for over 30 years, supporting several families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. Over the years she has gained valuable knowledge, trained to obtain many certifications, and loves every second of working with families to provide professional and loving care.


Mim will work with you and your family from feeding your new baby, to creating a sleeping schedule that ensures everyone is catching enough Zzzz’s and everything in between. 

“Being a childcare provider is not just what I do to make a living. By far and away, it is who I am.” 


Driven by a strong sense of gratitude for the families she has been welcomed into, Mim works to ensure that children feel secure—in their immediate environments and in the world around them.

Nanny traveling on plane with mom and baby
Nanny with family
Nanny with two babies
Nanny with baby
Nanny with two babies
Nanny with family
Nanny with baby

Product Guide

We recommend each of these products below to all families that we care for. You can find the links to Amazon below for more information and to purchase.

If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

All images and descriptions are from Amazon.

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