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Electric nail trimmers make itty-bitty nail clipping easy!

If you’re a first-time parent, you may be surprised at how challenging and scary it can be to clip your baby’s nails! How can such itty bitty nails be so difficult to trim? And is clipping baby nails really necessary?

Your team at Infant Bliss is here to guide you in parenthood and all-things-precious-newborns. We’ll support you in cutting your newborn’s nails - with no worry of hurting them!

Do I have to clip my baby’s nails?

Newborns’ nails are extremely soft and flexible, but they grow rapidly. Their nails actually grow at twice the rate as adult nails!

During the first few months, newborns tend to file their own nails naturally on their clothes and bedding, but because their nails grow so quickly, they can become jagged, uneven, and sharp.

Babies are not able to control their arm and leg movements for their first 6 weeks of life, which can cause them to accidentally scratch themselves if their nails aren’t trimmed. Once you notice your baby’s nails growing, it’s recommended that you clip their nails once a week to prevent scratches.

So how do you clip baby nails? We have a solution for you of course!

How to Clip Baby Nails without Clippers

Many parents worry about using nail clippers on their baby’s nails, since their nails are short and their hands are tiny! The sharp edges of clippers can look a bit daunting against your baby’s itty bitty fingernails and toenails.

An electric baby nail trimmer is the perfect solution! This nail trimmer is designed to safely and quickly trim your beautiful baby’s fingernails and toenails with a quiet motor, an LED light to safely guide you, and a button to adjust trimming speed.

Want to see it in action? See how Mim (our leading Newborn Care Specialist and Certified Doula) uses this gentle electric trimmer to clip this baby’s nails with no pain and no stress on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Clipping newborn baby nails is a breeze with the electric trimmer! And if you still feel hesitant to cut your bundle of joy’s nails or have any questions about using the trimmer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to guide you through early parenthood - it’s what we do! We also offer a New Parent's Guide with a list of all the items Mim recommends to new parents!

Infant Bliss helps you find bliss as you bring your new baby into the world, so you can truly enjoy such a beautiful experience.

Our team of compassionate specialists at Infant Bliss is here to support you in all of your newborn care needs, postpartum doula needs, and family travels!

Bliss is a phone call away. Contact us today!


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